All about that truck bed

Today was a lot of cleanup and organization.  I got a lot of the parts out of the garage and into my shed for storage while I work on the meat and potatoes – drive train, plumbing, brakes, electrical etc.  I got the spare passenger door mounted and in place, but I need to strip the original door for locking mechanisms, glass, etc.

I got the bed pulled off and began disassembly.  The bolts that mount the fender flares were Phillips head which kept stripping.  Makes zero sense to me as why they would decide to use those.  The nuts were all rusty and stuck, so after about two hours of working, I made the executive decision to grind each of the bolt heads down with a 4.5″ angle grinder. After about another hour, the fenders popped right off.

The fender exteriors were in good shape, but there was some surface rust starting to form underneath.  Colin and I used wire brushes and liberated the rust, I cleaned them up and sprayed 3-4 layers of 3M rust inhibitor inside of each.  Tomorrow they will be undercoated black so I won’t have to worry about them rusting out.  They are about $300 each and I don’t want to spring for extra sheet metal when I don’t have to.

Speaking of sheet metal, I had to order a replacement front bed panel for the bed.  I got the best deal from Raybuck Auto Body Parts for $113.45 after shipping.  All of the new sheet metal should be here this week, which is exciting because I have a few bachelor nights as the wife and kids are out of town.

Achieved a lot today, hopefully I can continue with the progress!

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